Recent News Conferences 
discuss AG issues

This past week National Farmers Union President, Tom Buis, Communications Director Emily Eisenburg, and myself did a series of news conferences in Houston, Dallas and Ft Worth. In Houston we met with the Business Editor of the Houston Chronicle because all of his reporters were at the Enron trial.

At the beginning of this conversation the Editor stated that he believed farmers were the greediest people he knew. I suggested that we needed to have a long talk because maybe there were issues he might not know or understand. I then asked him if he really believed farmers were as greedy as those folks down at the Enron trial. This brought a smile and he replied, "Probably not".

We discussed at length renewable fuels, disaster, the farm bill, food safety and the reasons for the need of a safety net for producers. This meeting ended on a high note and I believe we have a more understanding and informed friend in Houston.

We then traveled to Ft Worth then Dallas where we met with reporters from the Ft Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Morning News, Texas State Network, Southwest, Farm Press and others.

I was very pleased with these efforts because of the way we were received, the questions, which were asked, and the interest shown in a wide variety of Ag issues. Also, many thanks to Tom and Emily for all their help. President, Wes Sims

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