A Farm Bill That Can and Will Work

To Members:

We need a Farm Bill; NOW! Only a politician would dare tell you that they can't pass a farm bill that will work. Since the passage of the 2014 farm bill most commodity prices have fallen by 1/2 one half or more, not considering the increase in the cost of production. That is failure.

We need a farm bill based on the cost of production, and then prices will increase immediately. TFU has developed a farm bill proposal that will work and we are pushing it nationwide.

This proposal will cost the Federal Government a lot less money and do no harm to any other programs. If we continue the current program the farm crisis will only worsen.

Farmers must take a stand for their best interest and no longer support individuals or organization whose only efforts are to increase the profits of the largest processors and retailers. They will never work for us and will always make hollow promises.

It is likely, even though it goes against their platform, Congress will pass some money to some producers so they will be elected again. This will not be a solution to our low prices, but it will be passed to our grandchildren and with most people make us farmers look bad.

Educate your family, friends, neighbors and fellow farmers about the TFU farm bill proposal. Also, sign them up for Farmers Union membership and you will have their commitment to help us pass a meaningful farm bill. Visit our website at texasfarmersunion.org, pages 24 or 63 in our policy manual, to read the TFU farm bill proposal.


Wes Sims TFU President

Texas Farmers Union, P.O. Box 738, Sweetwater, Tx 79556