TFU State Tax Policy


1. Texas Farmers Union supports a graduated state income tax with a comparable reduction in ad valorem taxes, sales taxes and fees.

2. The state sales tax exemption of all products purchased for the purpose of producing food and fiber shall be maintained as is with all raw inputs for other industries in Texas.

3. No tax shall be levied upon irrigation wells or water produced for them for agricultural purposes.

4. The state should reimburse local governments for losses due to state mandated exemptions.

5. To ensure that all taxing entities in the state utilize the same methods in assessing the valuation of property, we recommend that there be one tax appraiser for all taxing entities within the county. Each taxing entity within the district should appoint one member to the CAD Board. The grievance committee should be appointed by the CAD Board (one member from each commissionerís precinct and one at large). This committee will function independently of the CAD Board.

6. TFU supports and urges legislation to divide the ad valorem tax into two parts: 1) surface value tax and 2) mineral rights tax. The two separate taxes shall not be more than the amount of the current singular tax. Provisions should be included for the minerals rights to automatically revert to the land surface owner if the mineral rights owner does not pay their taxes for three years.

7. We support the continued ag use valuation of ad valorem taxes as is.


Texas Farmers Union should begin an education program, directed to farmers, concentrated on the danger to agriculture of higher property and sales taxes and the advantages of an income tax.


Texas Farmers Union supports the law which has provided protection for both urban and rural homeowners for over 100 years. We support the reinstatement of this law.


1. High school and post high school vocational education administered by public school officials should be adequately financed to expand this kind of practical training. Area vocational schools should be established to provide specialized vocation training for out-of-school youth and adults. We support continued funding to finance workshops in a special vocational skills for youth and adults, emphasizing the cooperative part-time training and utilizing the personnel and facilities of the public schools and their department of vocational agriculture.

2. We recommend that vocational education teachers be maintained as bonus units to the local schools in the Minimum Foundation Program.

3. We support Extension service programs relating to production technology, farm equipment and increased farm income. We urge that greater emphasis be given to marketing problems with the objective of helping farmers strengthen their market bargaining power. We oppose any funding cuts by the Federal Government in Extension Service programs.

4. We favor the consolidation of small independent school districts with other school districts only when the small district votes to consolidate and has the approval of the recipient school district. We favor the continuing of small rural schools of less than twelve grades.

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