Letter to Two Senators,
30 Congressmen

Dear Representative:

I am writing you because of my concern regarding the proposal to grant "Fast Track Authority" to the President and the proposal to pass the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). It is my understanding the North American Free Trade Agreement is to be the model for FTAA.

I am sure you are aware there is a serious crisis in rural Texas today and it is essential that a creative new approach to trade that targets a different model is adopted for the FTAA. The FTAA operating under the NAFTA model would do great harm to Texas agriculture producers. For example Brazil and Argentina are major producers of cotton, wheat, beef and soybeans and they have made it clear that their main interest in FTAA is so they will have access to the U.S. market for their commodities.

It is a fact that Texas producers' income has declined since the implementing of the new free trade agreement has occurred. Nor has an increase in volume created with "fence row to fence row" production under "Freedom to Farm" provided a solution to the problem of low prices.

Texas Farmers Union will continue to oppose "Fast Track" and "FTAA" until corrections are made in the present free trade agreements that currently put our producers at a grave disadvantage.

Some changes that must occur are equalizing currency values, and also labor, environmental, health and safety standards, must be fair to all Texans.

TFU looks forward to working with you to bring about fairness in these important efforts.


Wes Sims, President

Texas Farmers Union

Texas Farmers Union, P.O. Box 738, Sweetwater, Tx 79556