Fuel from the Farm (2006)

WHEREAS, rising fuel costs have had a tremendous negative economic impact across rural America and specifically on farmers and ranchers who are unable to pass increased production costs forward; and

WHEREAS, the family farm and ranch members of Texas Farmers Union support the broader use of ethanol and biodiesel as transportation fuels to decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil; and

WHEREAS, Texas Farmers Union fully endorsed and supports implementation of the landmark Renewable Fuels Standard included in comprehensive energy legislation passed by Congress in 2005, which will help create vital economic opportunities for family farmers, ranchers and their rural communities; and

WHEREAS, we support full implementation of the Energy Title and renewable energy initiatives in 2002 Farm Bill and subsequent legislation, including tax incentives and program initiatives, research and market development to expand and support farm energy sources such as wind, solar, targeted farm-based hydrogen production, and biomass sources including animal waste, crop waste, plants and other organic matter from the farm; and

WHEREAS, farmer-owned ethanol production appears to be the only agricultural market to decrease levels of concentration, with farmer-owned ethanol plants accounting for more than 37 percent of total ethanol capacity.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Texas Farmers Union supports federal and state renewable energy policy which will provide for expanded roles for wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and farm-based hydrogen production and renewable transportation fuels in current energy markets, and federal and state policy initiatives, to encourage the use of and growth of renewable energy sources from the farm.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Texas Farmers Union supports expanding the current ethanol RFS over the next ten years, as well as establishing a separate national Renewable Fuels Standard for biodiesel use in transportation fuels and propose a voluntary farm-stored Strategic Renewable Energy/Biofuels Reserve, dedicated to biofuels and energy feedstocks storage and production.

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