Farming Demonstration/Tourinsm 
Center in Point, Texas

February 13, 2002

Dear Senator:

The Texas Farmers Union (TFU) is the voice for all Rural American cultures in our great Lone Star State. We take pride in representing the last of the family farmers here in Texas as well as this great nation through the National Farmers Union (NFU). Yes, the founding place of our 100-year-old organization, which has served the interest of all Americans for the past 100 years, is that special country town known as, "The One and Only" Point, Texas (1902).

We want to express our deepest concerns for that economically deprived community of Point. On numerous site visits with local leaders, meetings with Dr. Bagley of Texas A&M-Commerce, and 27 states present on March 2, 2002 for our 100th Anniversary in Point, we have concluded that Point, Texas is sending a distress call for immediate assistance. A young man named Brent Cason has opened our eyes & has been a vital part in what we would like to call project Point of Origin. That young man and that great idea called P.O.I.N.T. inc. 501-c3 has taken to the hearts of thousands of farm families across the nation and many more to come.

The TFU embraces the P.O.I.N.T. inc. idea of a historic national landmark that will endow an area pride and economic stability for a hungry hoarta-culture. P.O.I.N.T.'s plan includes an expanded tourism structure on Hwy 69 that depicts the ol' Point railroad station that is also a very important symbol to the (NFU) and its heritage. A simple rest area idea that takes human waste to facilitate on organic farm demonstration amphitheater/center is an innovative radical 21st century idea. To turn a depressed rural area into a flourishing 'Garden of Eden' would give anyone who visited...a taste of Heaven on Earth.

My mind is convinced that with a little support...Point, Texas will be a future national landmark. Point, Texas will be a tourism beacon for East Texas. Point, Texas will be the living example of inner growth & the Texas Homegrown Program. Point, Texas will recycle poverty into plentiful. Point, Texas will be a 200 year old symbol of Rural American values that will echo an eternity for the people, with the people,....united together....under God...that anything is possible through freedom. Great ideas are few and far between...let's take advantage of a blessing.


Wes Sims

President, Texas Farmers Union

Texas Farmers Union, P.O. Box 738, Sweetwater, Tx 79556