Disaster Assistance (2006)

WHEREAS, the state of Texas has been hit hard by wildfires, drought and hurricanes, resulting in major economic losses in 2005 for family farmers, ranchers and their rural communities; and

WHEREAS, more than 87 percent of all Texas counties were declared disasters in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the number continues to rise; and

WHEREAS, Congress has not provided comprehensive emergency disaster relief for losses incurred in 2005, yet has a long history of providing assistance for natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to snowstorms.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Texas Farmers Union urges Congress and the administration to immediately provide meaningful and comprehensive emergency disaster assistance for all natural disasters;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, we support the inclusion of emergency economic assistance to help offset soaring energy costs be a part of a comprehensive disaster assistance package. Skyrocketing fuel and energy inputs have dramatically increased the cost of production for farmers and ranchers in 2005, with no capability for producers to pass the increased costs forward.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Congress is encouraged to pass permanent disaster assistance to assist producers during times of natural disasters without having to rely upon yearly ad-hoc assistance or the political climate inWashington, D.C.;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, risk management tools must be reformed in a manner that is structured to respond to severe multi-year weather related disasters, including coverage for forage and specialty crops, indemnification for livestock losses and coverage of quality and market losses resulting from forced sales.

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