* OPTION 1: (Cost = $638-$700 Million Per Year)

Increase Dairy Price Support To $12.50 Per Hundredweight

Limit Government Purchases To 3 Percent Of Production Or Utilization

Producer-Financed Purchases: Assessment Of $0.25 Per CWT For Those Who Produce More Than 2.6 Million Pounds And Increase By More Than 2 Percent

All Purchases Used For Humanitarian Assistance And Nutrition Programs

* OPTION 2: (Cost = $2.3-$3.1 Billion Per Year)

Maintain Current Support Level, Implement Purchase Programs

Establish Target Price At 80 Percent Of Full Economic Cost Of Milk Production

Deficiency Payments Equal Difference Between Target Price And Base Price For Class III Or Class IV Milk

Eligibility: Produce Less Than 2.6 Million Pounds Or Limit Production Increases To 102 Percent Of Prior Year Production


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